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National Aboriginal Day

National Aboriginal Day

June 21, 2015

Prince Rupert Rotary Waterfront Park

National Aboriginal Day is a wonderful opportunity
to acknowledge and celebrate the richness and
diversity of Aboriginal people and their
contributions to the development of Canada. This
celebration also pays tribute to the strength of
our ancestors by connecting the past, present and
future generations. National Aboriginal Day is an
opportunity to actively demonstrate the pride
Aboriginal people have in their culture. It is also
very valuable in helping to educate Canadians
about Canada’s original people.

A day for all Canadians to
recognize and celebrate
Aboriginal People and
communities across the country.

Aboriginal Education

Wap Sigatgyet

Aboriginal Education Services
317 Ninth Avenue West
Prince Rupert, BC
Phone:  250-627-1536
Fax:  250-627-1443

Roberta Edzerza, District Principal, Aboriginal Education
Phone:  250-627-1536 (ext. 222)
Cell:  250-600-0770

Tina Demings, Aboriginal Education Resource Teacher
Phone:  250-627-1536 (ext. 223)

Penny Hasell, LUCID Support Teacher
Phone:  250-627-1536 (ext. 228)

Reagan Sawka, Middle/High School Helping Teacher
Phone:  250-627-1536 (ext. 224)

Michelle Swan, Secretary
Phone:  250-627-1536 (ext. 221)