‘Math in Action’ with Carole Fullerton

A session for parents of Kindergarten to Grade 3 children is being hosted at Lax Kxeen Elementary tomorrow night. Our math curriculum is focussed on the big ideas, on mental math and on number sense. It encourages our youngest learners to think deeply about the math and make connections between ideas. How can we as parents support our children in becoming mathematical thinkers? Come and find out! The workshop is 6:30-8:30, Wed., April 22 for parents. Childcare will be provided.

Student Led Conferences

Conferences with students are this week on Wed., April 22 and Thur., April 23. Students are dismissed at 1:45pm on both days. Please call the school office at 624-6218 to set up a time. Students are excited to share their work. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Parent Teacher Interviews

Interviews start today and continue tomorrow. Students are dismissed at 1:45pm on both days. Please call the school office at 624-6218 to set up an appointment with your child’s teacher for today or tomorrow (Tuesday, October 21-Wednesday, October 22). The Book Fair is also underway in the library. Stop by and browse the great selection of books!

School Starts on Monday

We are happy to inform you that school will resume on Monday, September 22, 2014. The schedule for Grades 1-5 is 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (this includes a 15 min recess). Class lists will be posted outside at entrances for line ups. Staff will contact families of kindergarten students with the schedule for their child. Breakfast program starts Monday. Lunch program start time to be announced. Regular classes will begin on Tuesday from 9:00 – 2:45. Looking forward to seeing our families next week!

Back to School

Watch this space for upcoming details around school re-opening. Information will be posted as it becomes available. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Things to do with your children at home

1. Visit your local library and take out books to enjoy and read together.

2. Get outside and take walks or just play games like I Spy.

3. Create a journal of something of interest.  Could be about a favourite person or animal, or about a vacation you had.  Let the children give their ideas and you can support them in finding out more about that topic.

4. A math games booklet with cards and dice  was distributed with your report cards in June.  Get some dice or a deck of cards and enjoy some of those ideas.

5.  Bake or cook with your children and focus on the planning and even the shopping needed to make it happen.

6.  Build menus and use flyers to see how much items will cost.  Estimate how much money you will need when you shop for the menu.

7. Board games such as Sorry, Scrabble Juniour and Monopoly can be a family fun activity. On-line games such as Oregon Trail, or other educational cites can be fun.

8.  Build models of things that interest your child, like a diorama of an idea from a story read.

9. Lego and other building type activities are fun and good for the brain.

10. Art.  Lots of painting and drawing and talking about their pictures is another great way to build vocabulary and a great way to encourage creativity.

11. Ask lots of “I wonder” questions and brainstorm how you might find answers.   http://aworldofscience.wordpress.com/i-wonder/

12.. Walk around Prince Rupert and create a map of interesting sites.

13. Make patterns out of color, number or buttons.

14. Make your child create lists of things, like all the colors they know, or all the kinds of dogs there are, or all the wild animals they can think of.

15. Have your child think about and tell or write about what you would need to plan a vacation to somewhere wonderful like Disneyworld or just a simple camping trip.

Suggestions of activities for your kids during the labor dispute

» Keep a daily journal (writing about what they did, drawing, planning an activity, summery of a TV show, etc.).
» Go to the public library, check out some books.
» Play cards or games that requires counting, number recognition such as crib, Yaztee, etc.
» Daily word: choose a new word your child doesn’t know, explain the meaning of the word and ask your child to us it appropriately in a sentence three times during the day.
» Go on a walk and talk about nature or play a game of I spy.
» Play a game of memory (have your child create their own cards).
» Have younger kids sort objects such as cutlery when doing dishes, clothes when doing laundry, crayons, buttons, etc.
» Do some craft projects, there are lots of ideas on the internet

You can also view the Ministry of Education Curriculum’s page by following the link bellow:


New Principal

Please welcome Ms. Kathy Dann as the new principal at Lax Kxeen.


The next PALS session for parents of kindergarten students is Friday January 24, from 9:00 until 11:30.


The first Parents of Primary Students session is January 23, from 1:15 until 2:30. Parents of students in Ms. Sanders, Mrs. Cavin, Ms. Braid, and grade ones in Ms. Cox Rogers classes are invited to attend a session with their children at the school.