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June 2nd

Posted by Debbie Taylor on 2nd June and posted in School related posts

Ttrack team

Swimming Program

Posted by Debbie Taylor on 26th May and posted in School related posts

Each Friday we attend lessons at the pool with our students.  Please be aware that should your child be under the age of seven, we need an adult to attend with them.


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Newsletter #13(Apr)


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Newsletter #12(Apr)

Next Year.

Posted by Debbie Taylor on 3rd February and posted in School related posts

Last Wednesday, January 24th, superintendent Sandra Jones, met with members of Port Edward community to provide us with an overview of what next year will look like given our reduced numbers. Her hope is that there would be enough students for one class, K through five. Her message was for parents to make decisions about what they wish for their children next year, given that configuration. This would in no way guarantee that the trustees would approve keeping the school open for only fourteen children as the trustees could possibly decide to open school closure discussions by make that motion at a future board meeting.

Reading ideas for home.

Posted by Debbie Taylor on 15th September and posted in School related posts


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Ten reasons why you should read to your kids.

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LINK to our Anti Bullying Video

Posted by spond on 6th March and posted in School related posts

Powerful reminder….

Posted by spond on 11th October and posted in School related posts

Children see. Children do.

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